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Fallout 4: Quincy Yacht Club



The Quincy Yacht Club is a Fallout 4 encounter area based on a real life location of the same name. It consists of a small building and docks outside that include Raider and Mirelurk encounters and lots of scattered loot.



Being from the Greater Boston area, I was interested in creating an area based on a place I had been to. I wanted to tell a small story with the area and keep with the theme of historic irony that Fallout is known for. The Yacht Club was a once-prestigious place for higher class people, but after the bombs dropped became a base for Raiders to drink the very high-class booze and transform it into a slummy hideaway.


Most of the architecture for a yacht club didn't exist in Fallout 4, so I had to repurpose a lot of assets from other locations in the game and make some of my own. I matched up the scale, shape, and color with pieces used for piers, boathouses, and more. For the interior I furnished it with gold lockets, worn picture frames, unique liquor, to invoke a feeling of nobility. After it was created, I went over it and added the Raider's chaos to the whole place.

Pathing for the enemies in this area was tricky as the dock and pier extend a fair bit higher over the water itself. To aid in traversal the ruined boats were used to help the players and Raiders create more navigable ground. The spacing of the boats behind the actual yacht club building also present a gunfight approachable in many ways.

design goals

The biggest goal with this area is to use environmental storytelling to enhance a relatively unassuming location. Some of these will be instantly recognizable to the player, such as the tallies on the pool table showing score by the Raiders, but others are a little harder to spot unless investigating, like the hidden gun underneath a pillow in a Raider's armoire. The level rewards keen exploration of the area to find hidden trinkets of value.

The interior and exterior were designed with different types of encounters in mind. The interior is filled with lots of static objects and plenty of cover, with raiders here usually using pistols. Outside, the battle opens up and players can fight from many of the capsized boats in longer range combat yet still using cover. Still, these boats are accessible via the Mirelurks and their melee strikes, making the battle one of long and short range.


level layout

Aerial view of the Quincy Yacht Club and associated docks and ruined ship area. Spectacle Island is in the distance.

A similar view of the real location of the yacht club. Geographically in Fallout the level exists in the same location as the original.

From the entrance the player can see straight through the hollow interior of the yacht club.

The entrance is across from a working jukebox and a pool table. The table has pool cues to use as weapons if the player has none and is used as the primary source of cover if aggressively taking on the Raiders within.

Next to the pool area there is a bar with many stools and booze and garbage all littered around it. This area can also be used as cover.

Behind the bar. A hidden stash of finer wines unused by the Raider is under the bar, as well as a high-skill safe with some money and valuables. Drugs can be pilfered from all around this area if searched well enough.

The bar is right across from a second entrance to the yacht club that is further down the docks.

Past the bar is the lounge area. The dresser here has a Raider's favorite specialty gun hidden below it as well as some ammo.

A corpse laying in the lounge leaves behind valuable gold, and the lounge itself is littered with small trinkets.

An aerial view of the outside from the back entrance. The dock area is open and provides a walkway to several downed ships.

The dock area connects to the lounge openly so players can gunfight from the safety of the yacht club if necessary. In this area is lots more alcohol and a Raider pup can be found roaming the area.

The white boat closest to the yacht club has a small stash of valuables and is home to one of the Raiders, as well as being useful cover.

The docks connect in the other area to more downed ships. In this area Raiders tend to patrol below the docks and inside the ships.

The red ship is the primary base of the Raider leader and where he emerges from in the encounter. It has much cover, a cooking station, and a chest full of weapons and valuables inside.

More submerged ships exist in the water further from the yacht club. By diving under the water some items can be spotted.

A final view of the yacht club from the dockside view. To the right of the club from land is the Warwick Homestead settlement and to the left is the main approach. The water in this area is all knee to waist deep.